Why Charlotte’s Whitewater Center attracts Olympic hopefuls here | WFAE

Casey Eichfeld (left) and Devin McEwan topped the men's double canoe. (David Boraks/WFAE)
Casey Eichfeld (left) and Devin McEwan topped the men’s double canoe. (David Boraks/WFAE)

The nation’s top athletes in canoe and kayak slalom were in Charlotte this past weekend (April 7-9) Saturday competing to represent the U.S. at this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio. In interviews for public radio station WFAE-FM, I talked to two athletes with good chances to make the team, as well as a longtime U.S. coach, about why the U.S. Whitewater Center is an important venue for Team USA.

April 7, 2016, WFAE.org, “Why Charlotte’s Whitewater Center Attracts Olympic Hopefuls Here”

April 10, 2016, WFAE.org, “Paddlers Smolen And Eichfeld Are Headed to Rio” – Coverage of the results of Friday’s and Saturday’s events.

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