Upper Crust opens, Town Board votes on Narrow Passage, Concert on the Green

The Upper Crust Bar & Social Club is open above Millstone Bakehouse. (David Boraks photo)
The Upper Crust Bar & Social Club is open above Millstone Bakehouse. (David Boraks photo)

News for my South and Walnut neighborhood friends. The Davidson Town Board meets tonight, where commissioners will consider approval of the proposed Narrow Passage Development off Shearer and East Rocky River Roads. Also, our neighborhood has a new eatery – the Upper Crust, above Millstone Bakehouse. And The Rusty Knox Band plays this Sunday’s Concert on the Green.    

Town Board tonight

This isn’t in our neighborhood, but it affects the larger issue of development in town: A proposed 40-unit development called Narrow Passage is up for a vote before the Town Board this evening, after months of meetings, public workshops and discussions … The property is near East Rocky River and Shearer Road. Current zoning in the rural planning area allows only a handful of houses. The developers and builder Karl Plattner are asking for an exception to allow 40 units of varying sizes, including single-family homes on large lots, more dense single-family homes and townhouses. Some town officials have expressed concern that this could open the door to development of the town’s rural area. The developers say they’ll do this right, so it fits with Davidson. (UPDATE: The board approved the project. See comment below)

The board also will vote to approve the county master plan for Amersham Park, Fisher Farm and the Allison Property, all off Shearer Road. County officials plan to add a shelter and restrooms at Abersham, add a small shelter and pave the greenway at Fisher Farm, and create two seven-acre fenced dog parks at the Allison property. These projects will go out to bid in the next few months. The Davidson Livability Board will review the plan and provide a recommendation to the mayor and board of commissioners. The board of commissioners will consider approval on August 11. The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners will then need to approve the plan and the contracts.

Commissioners also are expected to approve a planning ordinance amendment on street and greenway standards. And the board will vote whether to change the affordable housing ordinance to allow developers to make payments instead of building affordable housing in their developments.

Agenda: http://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/MeetingView.aspx?MeetingID=260&MinutesMeetingID=-1&doctype=Agenda

Goodrum Street is currently dirt. The town will add curbs and gutters and pave the street over the next month. (David Boraks/DavidsonNews.net)
Goodrum Street is currently dirt. The town will add curbs and gutters and pave the street over the next month. (David Boraks/DavidsonNews.net)

Goodrum Street paving

As we noted previously, the town is installing curbs and gutters and sidewalks and paving the dirt section of Goodrum Street between Walnut and Spring. Barton Contracting is doing the work. The latest update from Public Works Director Doug Wright is that the project will start next week and last about 4 weeks.

Concert on the Green

The Rusty Knox Band plays the next Davidson Concert on the Green, this Sunday, Aug. 16, 6-8pm. http://www.concertsonthegreen.com

Upper Crust is open

This may be old news to most but the Upper Crust Bar & Social Club has officially opened above Millstone Bake House, at 208 S. Main St. It’s the upstairs sister of Millstone, which is run by Sara and Mark Hord, with separate kitchen. They’ve been taking dinner reservations Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning at 5:30 and Friday/Saturday at 5pm. The seafood focused-menu is accompanied by wines and cocktails from behind the mahogany bar. Call 704-997-5173 for reservations. Tell ‘em David sent you.

Fire chief Bo Fitzgerald. Look for a story this weekend in the Observer's Lake Norman section.
Fire chief Bo Fitzgerald. Look for a story this weekend in the Observer’s Lake Norman section. (David Boraks photo)

New fire chief

In case you missed it, our town has hired Bo Fitzgerald as fire chief. He’s the first to be hired by the town staff instead of elected by the volunteer membership. The town eliminated volunteers last year (there weren’t enough) and switched to a paid part-time department. A Davidson College grad, Bo is the husband of Adah Fitzgerald who runs Main Street Books. They have two kids and live in Mooresville. He served as the volunteer chief previously and also works as a captain in the Charlotte Fire Department. I’ll have a profile of the new chief in this Sunday’s Charlotte Observer Lake Norman News section.

Jack Burney Award

The Town of Davidson is now accepting nominations for Jack Burney Community Service Award through Sept. 30. The award honors G. Jackson Burney and those who improve the Davidson community through unselfish service. The annual award is presented in late November or early December at a community event at town hall. More information and nomination forms at http://www.townofdavidson.org/burneyaward …. Or by phone 704-892-7591 at town hall. Deadline: Sept. 30.

Photo exhibit at Town Hall

If you’re near Town Hall, stop in and see the current exhibit. It’s a series of photographs of Davidson and the north Meck area taken by students this summer in the Arts & Science Council’s Studio 345 program. http://www.asceducation.org/studio-345 Good stuff … And if you know of an artist whose work should be seen, contact me! I coordinate the gallery at Town Hall and I’m currently putting together the schedule for fall and winter.

5 thoughts on “Upper Crust opens, Town Board votes on Narrow Passage, Concert on the Green

  1. Tonight’s major action at Davidson Town Board was a vote to approve the proposed 40-unit Narrow Passage project, off Shearer and E. Rocky River roads. After months of discussion, and recent concessions from the developer on open space, greenway and trail development, and energy efficient construction, Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve it.

    That came after the board rejected commissioner Jim Fuller’s proposal to delay the project while the town develops a Rural Area Plan, 4-1. In the end Fuller supported the project. The planning board and town planning staff had recommended against approval, but planning director Jason Burdette said given that the board did not want to wait for an area plan, he would recommend approval. See the staff analysis and other documents.

    The developers – the Mayes family that owns the property and builder Karl Plattner – agreed to reserve and deed to the town a primary area of open space along East Rocky River, as well as a parcel across the street. They’ll install a blinking light crossing on E. Rocky River. And they’ll also have common open space that will be publicly accessible.


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