WFAE ‘Charlotte Talks’: ‘Green Building and Redevelopment

Gill Holland, green developer and filmmaker
Gill Holland, green developer and filmmaker

Here’s a program I produced for WFAE-FM’s “Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins,” on the movement to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices and products in new construction and development. Our guests included Davidson native Gill Holland, a developer and filmmaker in Louisville, KY, who will be the guest speaker at this Friday’s Green Gala, hosted by the NC Chapter of the US Green Building Council. Holland has helped redevelop some of Louisville’s old neighborhoods, with an eye on sustainability.

Also on the show were Emily Scofield, director of the NC Chapter of the council, and Scott Tew, an executive who oversees sustainability efforts at Ingersoll-Rand in Davidson.


The show was scheduled to air Monday, Sept. 14, 2015 at 9am and 9pm, and it’s also available to stream on the website.



Sept. 14, 2015,  Charlotte Observer, “What’s the greenest building? An old one, expert says “

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