NASA Expert Says Water Overuse Is Unsustainable | WFAE

On Tuesday night, I covered a discussion titled¬†“Our Water: An Uncertain Future,” at the Booth Playhouse at the Blumenthal, for WFAE. NPR “Science Friday” host Ira Flatow and NASA water scientist Jay Famiglietti were featured on a panel that included local experts. ¬†My lead: “Water use around the nation and in the Southeast is unsustainable, … More NASA Expert Says Water Overuse Is Unsustainable | WFAE

WFAE ‘Charlotte Talks’: ‘Green Building and Redevelopment

Here’s a program I produced for WFAE-FM’s “Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins,” on the movement to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices and products in new construction and development. Our guests included Davidson native Gill Holland, a developer and filmmaker in Louisville, KY, who will be the guest speaker at this Friday’s Green Gala, hosted by the … More WFAE ‘Charlotte Talks’: ‘Green Building and Redevelopment