Redeveloping & Reclaiming Our Downtowns | WFAE Charlotte Talks

CltTalksLogo_LGWith all the debate in Davidson right now about the “catalyst study” for redeveloping the Town Hall site, I got to thinking about similar efforts across the region. I produced this program for WFAE’s “Charlotte Talks” on “Revitalizing and Reclaiming Our Downtowns.”

Our guests on this Charlotte Talks are Jack Simoneau – planning director in Huntersville, Mike Legg – City Manager in Kannapolis, Leamon Brice – Town Manager in Davidson, and Michael Lemanski – director of the Development Finance Initiative at the University of North Carolina School of Government.

As growth picks up steam across the region and state, many towns are looking for new ways to revive and redevelop their downtowns. Some aren’t waiting for private developers, but getting ahead of the growth curve. They’re drawing plans and in some cases, buying land themselves – then looking for developers to carry out their visions.

Some are tapping expertise from the Development Finance Initiative at the University of North Carolina School of Government, which is involved in dozens of projects statewide.


Oct. 27, 2015,,


Davidson held a public meeting Oct. 20 on its plans to redevelop the Town Hall site – photo gallery

A few photos from Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015 at Davidson Town Hall, where town officials and consultants from the UNC School…

Posted by David Boraks on Thursday, October 22, 2015

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