Corning contracts for power from a new Duke solar farm, in Conetoe | WFAE

Duke Energy employees Bilbo Garrison and Christopher James Taylor working on solar panels at a Duke Energy Renewables site in Elizabeth City. (Duke Energy Renewables photo)

Had a quick story on WFAE today about a new solar energy project in eastern NC, in a town called Conetoe. I’ve driven through there before, and always wondered how it’s pronounced. All our guesses at the office today weren’t even close – it’s “kun-NEE-ta.” It’s a big deal for both Duke and Corning.  Here’s a link to my report. 

Corning Inc. is boosting its use of renewable energy in North Carolina through a big solar power deal announced Monday with a division of Charlotte-based Duke Energy.

Duke Energy Renewables began construction earlier this year on an 80-megawatt solar farm in Conetoe, east of Rocky Mount in eastern North Carolina. When it’s finished later this month, it will be the largest of its kind east of the Mississippi.

READ AND LISTEN TO THE STORY: Dec. 14, 2015,, “Corning To Buy Power From New Duke Solar Farm In Conetoe”

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