NASA Expert Says Water Overuse Is Unsustainable | WFAE

On Tuesday night, I covered a discussion titled “Our Water: An Uncertain Future,” at the Booth Playhouse at the Blumenthal, for WFAE. NPR “Science Friday” host Ira Flatow and NASA water scientist Jay Famiglietti were featured on a panel that included local experts.  My lead: “Water use around the nation and in the Southeast is unsustainable, and it may already be too late to avoid long-term effects, says a NASA water scientist. ”


Dec. 2, 2015,, “NASA Expert Says Water Overuse Is Unsustainable”


See also our “Charlotte Talks” program from Monday, Nov. 30, 2015, which featured Ira Flatow, Jay Famiglietti and Charlotte Observer reporter Bruce Henderson.

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