#keithscott: Sights & sounds from street protests in Charlotte, Day 2

It’s a been a crazy week in Charlotte, triggered by Tuesday’s police shooting of Keith Scott in northeast Charlotte. Protesters have been out nightly since then.

A few people have come downtown to cause trouble, and that’s getting most of the national news media attention.

That’s not right.

Most of the protests have been civil, giving voice to people with legitimate concerns about injustices and how police treat African Americans. Many are there to send a message to the wider community about being black, and demanding an equal place here.

My colleagues and I at WFAE have been working daily and overnight to try and paint a full picture of the events – beyond what the 24-hour news channels stream live. (They may be 24 hours, but they only stream the violence here, not the meetings and quiet protests by people calling for unity – and recognition.)

I’m proud to say my colleagues and I have been a big part of NPR’s national coverage of what’s going on here. It’s been a lot of extra work – but it’s an important story.



Here are a few of the angles we’ve been covering:

Sept. 23, 2016, WFAE.org, “Demonstrators Return To Uptown Streets For A Third Night; Midnight Curfew Now In Place”

Sept. 22, 2016, WFAE.org, “Scott Family Wants Videos of Shooting Released to Public; Protester Shot Wed. Dies”

Sept. 22, 2016, WFAE.org, “Peaceful protests give way to a night of violence.” Story and photos from Wednesday evening’s protests.

Sept. 21, 2016, WFAE.org, “Neighbors Dispute CMPD Account Of Police Shooting” – I did a two-way with fellow reporter Tom Bullock about what people were saying in Scott’s neighborhood Wednesday morning.


This video was shot around 8:40pm on Trade Street, across from the Omni Hotel, moments after a 26-year-old man was shot in the head by another civilian. That sparked a night of violence downtown, after peaceful protests earlier.

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