At Davidson Town Hall: Photos by Heather Hanson

colorful houses Photo by Heather Hanson
Venice. Photo by Heather Hanson

Color and black and white photographs by Heather Hanson of Davidson are on display through mid-October in the lobby of Davidson Town Hall, 216 S. Main St. Davidson.

Photo by Heather Hanson
Gondola boatyard, Venice. Photo by Heather Hanson

Heather Hanson is owner and artistic director of Magic Happens Here, Creative. A lover of all things photography she began shooting 12 years ago after the birth of her triplet daughters, when she became disenchanted with conventional photography, believing there had to be a way to capture life as it was happening. To answer this need, she opened her business Heather Hanson Photography in Augusta, Georgia, where she served as editorial and cover photographer for Augusta Parent magazine, and subsequently won Augusta’s “best non-traditional photographer” award.

Last summer she returned to Davidson, NC, after a three year stint in Stockholm, Sweden. She She traveled Europe with her family and continued her photography, applying her unconventional style to the traditional landmarks of Venice, Florence, Paris, and more.

She recently opened Magic Happens Here, Creative, where she is now showcasing her European adventures via color and black and white photography, as well as digital painting.

Hanson’s photos can be seen weekdays during business hours, 8am to 5pm, and other hours when Town Hall is open for events.


See Hanson’s portfolio on the Magic Happens Here Creative website,

Photo by Heather Hanson
Photo by Heather Hanson

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